To provide international services and support for children and families.

Most of the requests for service that ISS Canada receives from provincial government departments and social service agencies across Canada relate to protecting, mediating, reuniting, and supporting.


  • Child Protection
  • Adult Protection
  • International Child Abduction
  • To obtain RC and PCC for foster, adoption, employment


  • Biological Parent Assessment
  • Post Adoption Tracing
  • Assessments for Permanent or Temporary Placements
  • Family Reunification
  • Kindship Placement


  • Deportation
  • Record Checks
  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Immigration


  • International Child Custody
  • International Child Abduction

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Who We Serve

ISS Canada assists provincial governments, social service agencies and private organizations throughout Canada in their work to resolve internationally focused individual and family problems.


  • Provincial Child Protection Agencies
  • Provincial Government Departments
  • Family Service Agencies
  • Immigrant and Refugee Agencies


  • Agencies for Missing Children
  • Individual Practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • Social Workers


International Reference Center

The International Reference Centre for the rights of children deprived of their family (ISS/IRC) launched in 1997. Its principle goal consists of sharing, distributing and promoting good practices in the realm of intercountry adoption and more broadly, the protection of children deprived of their family or at risk of being so, in need of adoption or already adopted.

Advocacy & Training

In response to global issues, ISS develops specialized resources to protect children and families. International Social Service operates projects in cooperation with a number of partners to provide support and guidance to social welfare personnel and to policy makers in countries facing major crises in order to plan for and protect vulnerable children and families. Other international projects provide specific working tools and training for social welfare personnel.

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