Dear Clients, Partners and Colleagues,

It’s been almost two weeks since the WHO declared a pandemic on March 11th. We know that a lot of children and families depend on our services. Due to the exceptional circumstances because of COVID-19 we would like to say that our network and our team are still working diligently on cases, however mostly remotely. Some delays might be expected around the world, but ISS members are doing their best to develop strategies in order to keep moving forward in these difficult times.

Thank you for patience and be safe.


ISS Canada

"Crossing borders in service and support of children and families"

Protecting children and uniting families across borders


International Social Service Canada is a non-profit agency that provides linkages to social service agencies worldwide.

ISS Canada Services

While ISS services may vary from country to country, the universal core activity is the provision of intercountry social work liaison services.

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ISS Canada’s social workers are available for free consultation on cases and general consultation on international social services.

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