Success Stories

Note: The names, places and other details in the following case examples have been changed to protect confidentiality.


A child welfare agency in BC asked ISS Canada to arrange for mother in Jamaica to be interviewed with regard to the present circumstances of her 13-year-old daughter who was in the their care following disclosure of physical and sexual abuse.

ISS Canada then arranged for the ISS Correspondent in Jamaica to contact the mother who immediately insisted on being involved in the planning for her child.

Over the following six months, ISS Canada provided the Jamaican Correspondent with current reports and court documents from the child protection agency to keep the mother informed about her daughter’s situation. At the request of the BC agency, the Jamaican Correspondent provided a home assessment on the mother which indicated that she was a suitable parent. After giving testimony at the trial of her father, plans were made for the child to return to the care of her mother in Jamaica.

Follow-up services were requested by ISS Canada to support the placement and to involve a therapist in Jamaica to help the child deal with the abuse.

Kinship Placement

Children born in China, and who had recently immigrated to Canada, had to be taken into care after their mother died and their father was arrested for murder.

The local police to advise them of the situation contacted the maternal grandparents in China. Grandparents inquired about the children.

The Canadian child protection agency wanted to plan for the children who were traumatized and had no relatives in Canada finding a suitable loving home was urgent.

ISS Canada contacted the ISS Hong Kong Branch who met with the maternal grandparents within the week.ISS Hong Kong prepared a home study that was favourable to the grandparents.Given the special circumstances, the grandparents were allowed to come and get the children.

The grandmother came to Canada for the funeral of her daughter and took her grandchildren home with her.

Kinship Placement

A Canadian child protection agency, which had obtained a home study in Portugal, contacted ISS Canada. The Canadian agency had questions about the study and no one was getting back to them.

The agency wanted to validate the information that they had received.

ISS Canada contacted our ISS Network colleagues in Portugal to verify the content (and the agency that had prepared the report).

What ISS Canada did:

  • Asked for a home assessment with more details.
  • Assisted in serving court documents and assisted the child’s grandmother to reply to the application for court.
  • Assisted in planning the grandmother’s trip to Canada (she did not speak English).
  • We made sure she traveled with clear translations for how to get around the airport and with key phrases to help during her travels.
  • Grandmother came to court in Canada and left with her granddaughter just in time for Christmas!
  • ISS followed up with local child protection when she returned.

Kinship Placement

In a Québec hospital, a baby was abandoned. The local child protection was called and, because the birth mother had left contact information for kin in Australia.

The Australian child protection agency contacted the maternal grandmother and maternal aunt who said they would like to (jointly) raise the child.

Even though the aunt was an independent adult, she moved in with her mother (the baby’s grandmother) so they could create a home for the child.

After a local agency in Australia performed a home the aunt and grandmother came to Québec to learn routine and bond with the baby. The baby and her new family returned to Australia where they receive support from local authorities.

Adoption Reunification

An adoptee contacted the Adoption Council of Canada and wanted to locate his biological mother in Germany.

What ISS Canada did :

  • Contacted our tracing agency in Germany.
  • Found out that his mother had passed away a few years earlier.
  • Located a full brother (name in adoption file) and in doing so found a half-sister.
  • Half-sister knew the adoptee existed and was able to tell us –   ‘’My mother lit a candle at every one of his birthdays. I can tell him that.’’
  • Nieces and nephews came with the package also (something new for the adoptee who was an only child).
  • ISS Canada arranged for initial contact (there were language barriers).
  • First visit (of full and half siblings) occurred one month later, in Canada.