ISS Canada Services

ISS Canada Services

While ISS services may vary from country to country, the universal core activity is the provision of intercountry social work liaison services.

Social workers at ISS Canada communicate with social workers in other ISS offices who have expert knowledge of their own country’s resources. Through this established network, intercountry services assist people in Canada and respond to requests from abroad.

Most of the requests for service that ISS Canada receives from provincial government departments and social service agencies across Canada relate to matters of child and family welfare and often originate in the international aspects of:

  • child placement
  • child protection
  • international child abduction
  • international child custody and access
  • unaccompanied minors
  • search for roots
  • family reunification
  • adult protection
  • immigration-related matters
  • deportation
  • record checks

Each year, ISS Canada assists provincial government and social service agencies throughout Canada in their work to resolve individual and family problems made more difficult by international dimensions. ISS Canada uses its international liaison network to manage referrals for intercountry services received from:

  • child protection agencies across Canada
  • provincial government departments
  • family service agencies
  • agencies serving immigrants and refugees
  • search agencies for missing children
  • individual practitioners.

ISS Canada also organizes and participates in conferences, seminars, and training programs.

Children in difficult circumstances are the major beneficiaries of ISS Canada’s services. Increasingly, ISS Canada’s services are also needed in situations involving the elderly and complex family reunification.