ISS Services

Intercountry Social and Legal Case Work

The management of intercountry and individual casework is the special expertise of ISS. As a globally networked, professional organization, ISS supports the collective interests of families, children and other vulnerable persons. ISS also seeks individual solutions, which are in their best interest. ISS offers, in collaboration with local authorities and social services, social and legal support in individual cases through a variety of ISS interventions:

  • international network
  • social reports
  • transnational social work
  • mediation and transnational mediation


ISS always seeks to include all those involved in finding a solution, which is in their interest and in the interest of the child if any.

Advocacy throughout the World

ISS is active in helping create international laws and standards on the protection of human rights, children and families, and in implementing them throughout the world. ISS documentation and information service assists professionals world-wide with information about the care of children living outside their families. Through monthly publications and external representation, ISS draws attention to matters of child protection and provides resources to deal with complex global issues.


When commissioned by interested organizations or authorities, ISS develops and carries out training programmes on specific topics in the area of child protection.


Together with partners in various regions of the world, ISS develops projects in the area of child protection, especially for children without parental care, unaccompanied minors and street children.