Jemma’s Story


A child welfare agency in BC asked ISS Canada to arrange for mother in Jamaica to be interviewed with regard to the present circumstances of her 13-year-old daughter who was in the their care following disclosure of physical and sexual abuse.

ISS Canada then arranged for the ISS Correspondent in Jamaica to contact the mother who immediately insisted on being involved in the planning for her child.

Over the following six months, ISS Canada provided the Jamaican Correspondent with current reports and court documents from the child protection agency to keep the mother informed about her daughter’s situation. At the request of the BC agency, the Jamaican Correspondent provided a home assessment on the mother which indicated that she was a suitable parent. After giving testimony at the trial of her father, plans were made for the child to return to the care of her mother in Jamaica.

Follow-up services were requested by ISS Canada to support the placement and to involve a therapist in Jamaica to help the child deal with the abuse.

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